Hawker BeechJet 400A

The Hawker BeechJet 400A aircraft will comfortably and safely take you to a family vacation or to a business meeting. You will enjoy all the in-flight comforts of luxury private transport on board.

  • The Hawker BeechJet 400A aircraft offers an ideal combination of all the advantages of a private flight at affordable prices. Enjoy the comfort of a private business jet when on business or entertainment trips.

A diamond among airplanes

The Hawker BeechJet 400A was originally created under the auspices of Mitsubishi as the most luxury alternative of air transport in a business private jet. The original model was gradually improved to increase its range, capacity, maximum load and to meet all requirements for luxury private flights. JetBee has two planes of this type available.

  • 8 passengers
  • range 2400 km
  • speed 820 km/h

Private flights made to measure

A business jet is an ideal solution for all passengers who require privacy, comfort and speed when travelling. Our team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will deliver you to your destination safely without needless waiting. You will have all comfort on the board including refreshments, a bar and toilet.



Jaroslav Stůj

Jaroslav Stůj

CEO - Chief of Executive Office (AM, CPT BE40, L410)

“I have more than 30 years' experience in team leadership and strategic management of operation and transport. I have worked in various job positions in the air transport segment for many years, I have an active ATPL pilot license and I am a multi-pilot aircraft captain.”
Jiří Neubauer

Jiří Neubauer

FOM - Flight Operations Manager

“I am well aware of the fact that people in the air entrust me with their lives. Therefore, I do my best to make their journey not only comfortable, but mainly safe. It is important to keep learning, to monitor current trends and have sufficient practical experience.”
Štefan Genszký

Štefan Genszký

Line Training Captain, FCTM - Flight Crew Training Manager

“At JetBee, I make sure our team has the required education, experience and certifications, but I also continuously work on improving all that. This allows me to guarantee to our clients that they will be transported by highly experienced professionals who are at the top of their field.“
Pavel Anderle

Pavel Anderle

CAM - Continuing Airworthiness Manager, Airworthiness Review Staff

“My main responsibility is to ensure that the aircraft is in perfect condition and our clients will enjoy their flight in comfort and without worries. The JetBee aircraft fleet is in excellent shape and I supervise its regular and irregular maintenance. I studied aviation and have been working in the field for more than 20 years.”


Unlike most small private jet operators, we have our own aircraft service centre. This enables us to maintain our aircraft in flight-ready condition easily and promptly. We are licensed to service other operators’ aircraft. We also offer handling and outsourcing of services. We will take care of your aircraft and will manage the commercial operation thereof.


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