Air Services

We will transport you to your destination in a safe, comfortable, discreet and timely manner. We offer luxury without compromises, travelling without waiting and a 100% individual approach.

  • Professional customised services
  • We fly wherever you wish to fly

Private flights

Planning a business meeting or a family vacation? Travel comfortably with JetBee. We will take care of everything, from transport to the airport, through a comfortable and safe flight to any and all services at the destination.

Private flights

Cargo transport

The transport of goods by JetBee will satisfy the individual needs of even the most demanding customers. We will interconnect you with the whole world in time and without worries. Your goods will be in the best of hands with us.

Cargo transport

Flight planning - OPS

Outsourcing of flight planning is a service that we provide to all companies and individuals who cannot plan the flight themselves. JetBee has an extensive database of post-flight statistical data available, thanks to which we will propose the best solution for you. We guarantee 100% protection of sensitive data.

Flight planning

Aircraft management

Complex care to enjoy the flight - entrust your aircraft to the care of professionals and we will look after it completely. We are specialists in aircraft management and handling.

Aircraft management

Aircraft servicing and maintenance

Place yourself in the care of professionals. JetBee performs qualified aircraft servicing, specialising in aircraft maintenance and repairs. Thanks to our services, your aircraft will work reliably without any problem.

Aircraft maintenance

Ambulance flights

The JetBee air ambulance will deliver you home safely and quickly in the case of any unexpected event. Call anytime and from anywhere, we will take care of your health both in the air and on land.

Ambulance flights

No wish can take us by surprise


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We hold the EASA certificates required for commercial air transport operation:

  • Air Operator Certificate AOC CZ-69
  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization PART M CZ.MG.0082
  • Maintenance Organization Certificate PART 145 CZ.145.0104