Aircraft servicing and maintenance

Aircraft servicing and maintenance

Place yourself in the care of professionals. JetBee performs qualified aircraft servicing, specialising in aircraft maintenance and repairs. Thanks to our services, your aircraft will work reliably without any problem.

  • We will arrange for trouble-free operation of your aircraft in line with all applicable procedures and standards required for maintaining airworthiness. We guarantee 100% compliance with all regulations required for safe functioning of the aircraft.
  • We will take care of complex maintenance and servicing of your aircraft or regular prescribed inspections. We offer complex care of your aircraft interior and exterior to meet your needs and expectations.

Professional approach and quality

Maximum satisfaction of our clients is our priority. Therefore, we perform aircraft maintenance with an emphasis on the quality of the services provided and the safety of your flight. It is important that your aircraft is always in perfect condition and always ready to take off.

Aircraft maintenance - JetBee


JetBee has its own certification centre with the EASA PART 145 license. Our qualified engineers are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority and have many years of experience. We perform aircraft maintenance in line with all applicable standards.

In order to make your flying experience perfect, the aircraft needs to be in perfect condition. We have our own certified service centre with the EASA PART 145 license. Our professionally trained team of engineers performs complex aircraft maintenance and servicing.

Hawker Beechjet 400A

  • Maintenance organisations certified according to EASA PART 1455
  • Line & Base maintenance of Beechcraft Beechjet 400A series aircraft
  • AOG support
  • Continuing airworthiness management organisation (C.A.M.O.)
  • Quality Management
  • Pre-purchase inspections and consultations
  • Spare parts
Aircraft servicing - Hawker-Beechjet 400A

Frequently Asked Questions

Aircraft maintenance is performed at regular inspection intervals. Line maintenance is conducted between the individual inspections (HEAVY MAINTENANCE). After each flight, the mechanical engineer in service takes over the aircraft from the crew, a post-flight inspection is performed, operating fluids are refilled and the aircraft is prepared for the next flight.

Every aircraft unit or part is limited in terms of time (calendar), number of cycles or operating hours. All limits for the given aircraft type are listed by the manufacturer in the maintenance manual. The operator generates the maintenance schedule according to the maintenance manual, which is subject to approval by the National Aviation Authority.

The maintenance of our fleet is performed by the JetBee and Textron-Prague service centres on a regular basis. We have contracted other European service centres in Germany, Switzerland and England.

There are the mandatory documents on board which specify not only the mandatory equipment of the aircraft, but also refer to the last maintenance performed and the next planned maintenance.

The principle behind inspections and limits is the same for both new and old aircraft. The older the aircraft, the more parts are close to their expiry date and thus have to be overhauled or replaced.

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We hold the EASA certificates required for commercial air transport operation:

  • Air Operator Certificate AOC CZ-69
  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization PART CAMO CZ.CAMO.0082
  • Maintenance Organization Certificate PART 145 CZ.145.0104

i Your health is important for us. COVID-19 - safety procedures

We all at JetBee Czech care deeply about your safety, health and wellbeing. This is as true now as it has always been ever since we did the first flight for you. We know travel looks a little different these days, but rest assured that we’re here for you every step of the way.

The latest research is showing that aircraft cabins are among the safest of public indoor environments. The risk of COVID-19 exposure on board our planes is almost zero thanks to advanced air filtration systems and diligent cleaning protocols. We’ve introduced several new procedures throughout all our aircrafts, designed to keep you safe from Covid-19.

Our crew members as well as ground staff oversee all aircraft cleaning procedures to ensure they meet or exceed EASA and local Authorities published guidelines. We’ll be constantly updating these measures in accordance with the latest guidelines from local authorities. JetBee Czech crew members are regularly checked for signs of the virus. Please be aware customers may be asked for additional documentation and health certificates ahead of their flight being confirmed.