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Flight planning and luxury air services constitute our mission. We want to provide our clients with high-quality services exceeding their expectations. Everything is carefully prepared so that you feel at home with us.

  • The JetBee team members are experienced professionals who have dedicated many years to their profession. We build upon long-term experience and well-proven know-how. What is important for us is that your experience from the flight is the best it can be.

Jaroslav Stůj

CEO - Chief of Executive Office (AM, CPT BE40, L410)

“I have more than 30 years' experience in team leadership and strategic management of operation and transport. I have worked in various job positions in the air transport segment for many years, I have an active ATPL pilot license and I am a multi-pilot aircraft captain.”

Jiří Neubauer

FOM - Flight Operations Manager

“I am well aware of the fact that people in the air entrust me with their lives. Therefore, I do my best to make their journey not only comfortable, but mainly safe. It is important to keep learning, to monitor current trends and have sufficient practical experience.”

Štefan Genszký

Line Training Captain, FCTM - Flight Crew Training Manager

“At JetBee, I make sure our team has the required education, experience and certifications, but I also continuously work on improving all that. This allows me to guarantee to our clients that they will be transported by highly experienced professionals who are at the top of their field.“

Lukáš Kadlčík

GOM / OCC - Ground Operations Manager and Operations

“Aviation, aircraft fleets and travelling are my passions. I make sure our customers feel safe on board and have all the comfort they desire mainly in terms of the in-flight services provided.”

Pavel Anderle

CAM - Continuing Airworthiness Manager, Airworthiness Review Staff

“My main responsibility is to ensure that the aircraft is in perfect condition and our clients will enjoy their flight in comfort and without worries. The JetBee aircraft fleet is in excellent shape and I supervise its regular and irregular maintenance. I studied aviation and have been working in the field for more than 20 years.”

Aleš Kvíčala

Safety Management System and Compliance Monitoring Manager (SMS & CMS)

Security Manager

“Along with my other colleagues, I take an active part in safety management and compliance monitoring both in the day-to-day management process and in long-term projects. This is how we jointly ensure that all of our activities meet the strictest standards and we provide a top product to our clients.”

Adam Trnka

Financial Director

“In the company, I am responsible for correct financial decisions, which form our future. The world of gentlemen is a place where JetBee belongs.”

Veronika Stůjová

Director of Sales

Security Manager

“I love establishing business relations and communication with clients to ensure everything proceeds to mutual satisfaction. The position of Sales Manager / Business Director for me means an optimal merger of my interests and satisfied customers. Everything I do focuses on 100% fulfilment of our clients’ needs.”

Monika Jindřichová

Sales Coordinator, Ground Operations

“I am passionate about establishing relationships with the clients and business partners. I have been working as a manager and assistant all my career and I have extensive experience in communication with people. I have a chance to benefit from my experience at JetBee to the benefit of our clients.”

Michaela Veverová

Head of Office

“I have been working in the tourism segment, particularly air transport, since secondary school. I graduated in Flight Connections Management from university and since then I have been working as aviation administrative support.”

Richard Surový

OCC (Flight Dispatcher) - Operations

“As the air traffic controller, I take care of a complex package of services which are required for the aircraft to take off and then land smoothly. Everything I do is focused on our clients, their comfort, privacy and safety.”

Ivan Krejčí

OCC (Flight Dispatcher) - Operations

“At JetBee, which provides first-class services in the area of private and business flights, I am in charge of the flight management. I am in charge of obtaining all the permits for crossing and landing. I take care of the handling services for successful clearance of the aircraft all over the world and at the destinations where our clients need to get to in a fast and comfortable manner.”

Matúš Jakab

Maintenance Manager

“The Maintenance Manager’s job mainly consists in responsibility and accuracy. I make sure that every member of my team is properly trained and all safety standards and other requirements are complied with.”

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We hold the EASA certificates required for commercial air transport operation:

  • Air Operator Certificate AOC CZ-69
  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization PART M CZ.MG.0082
  • Maintenance Organization Certificate PART 145 CZ.145.0104