Private flights

Planning a business meeting or a family vacation? Travel comfortably with JetBee. We will take care of everything, from transport to the airport, through a comfortable and safe flight to any and all services at the destination.

  • We will provide complex services for our clients, from planning of the flight, transport to the airport, catering to hotel and restaurant bookings and other individual needs.
  • We are a credible operator of private flights. Our crew members are only experienced and qualified professionals in all fields.
Your wishes and needs are our priority

Your wishes and needs are our priority

You will determine the departure time and place. We will arrange for your check-in at a private terminal, where you will not have to wait with other passengers and where discretion and security are ensured. We will take care of your luggage and will also take your pets on board.

Optional catering

During the flight, you can enjoy premium beverages and delicious dishes prepared from high-quality ingredients. Our gastronomic menu has been compiled especially for the needs of private air transport in order to make your time spent travelling even more pleasant.

Aircraft fleet

Aircraft fleet

Our air traffic and control experts will recommend an aircraft type to precisely meet your expectations. We conduct long and short-haul flights.

Aircraft fleet
Flying by private jet on holiday

Flying by private jet on holiday

Are you planning a family vacation and want to avoid time-consuming and exhausting transfers at airports and when changing flights? We offer a complex solution, thanks to which we will deliver you to the destination of your choice in the fastest possible way. You will enjoy all the services you need and our professional crew will provide you with any services and planning before, during and after the flight. We will make the flight pleasant for children of all ages and will take care of transport of your pets.

Flying on business in a timely and smooth manner

Flying on business in a timely and smooth manner

Do you need to get to a business meeting comfortably, with no risk of delay and no need to transfer? You will easily get to your destination with us, minimise the need to travel by car and save time. You do not have to wait with other passengers at airport terminals. We have our own terminals available and guarantee discretion and comfort. You will be provided with optional luxury services on board to meet your wishes and needs. The JetBee private jet lease is a modern mode of transport which you can gain extract the maximum of benefits from.

Frequently Asked Questions

For flights over 35 minutes, catering takes the form of a variation of ham and cheese with fresh bread and sliced fruit included in the price, including a free bar. We will arrange for catering of any kind, from standard refreshments, vegan or vegetarian meals, to Kosher or Halal dishes. We, of course, also think of those with various allergies to food.

As standard, we offer Evian and Perrier water, juice, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Red Bull, Red Bull light, red and white wine, beer, champagne and miniatures of alcoholic drinks - whisky, vodka, gin. We can arrange for other drinks for an extra charge.

We can load as many as 8 suitcases of the following dimensions in the cargo space: 56cm x 46cm x 25cm (height x width x depth).

Yes, they are, transport of pets is possible. Maximum weight is 8 kg, but valid documents and a proper transport box are required. The maximum number of pets on board is two.

A stewardess will be on board if so requested.

No, it is not required.

Yes, the GAT/FBO terminal is included in the price, provided it is available at the airport.

The VIP lounge is available upon request for an extra charge according to the tariff of the respective airport.

The aircraft capacity is 7 + 1 (lavatory seat).

No, Wi-Fi is not available.

Yes, there is a separated chemical toilet available.

No wish can take us by surprise


Personal data will be processed, stored and used in line with the terms and conditions stipulated in our personal data protection policy. By sending the form, you agree to such processing.


We hold the EASA certificates required for commercial air transport operation:

  • Air Operator Certificate AOC CZ-69
  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization PART M CZ.MG.0082
  • Maintenance Organization Certificate PART 145 CZ.145.0104