Tips for luxury family resorts in Europe

Tipy na luxusní resorty pro rodiny v Evropě

To spend a perfect vacation with your family, you do not need to travel to exotic destinations. Europe offers a number of interesting places which you can visit with your loved ones. You can go to ski resorts in winter or to idyllic beaches in summer and busy European cities all your round. If you have not decided where to go this year, we have prepared a list of the most interesting luxury family resorts for you.

Comfortable travelling with children

Travelling with children, especially the littlest ones, may be a challenge sometimes. Travelling is long, waiting is boring and the transfers are demanding. If you are planning to go to your dream destination, it is definitely worth considering a private flight. It is a comfortable alternative to commercial flights when you have everything set with respect to your maximum comfort. 

Another option is selecting a place which does not take many hours to get to. And this is what European destinations are ideal for. Transfers take only a few hours at most and if you choose to travel by air, you nearly always travel without having to transfer. There is no risk of jet lag resulting from travelling across time zones. 

When selecting a luxury resort and planning a family vacation, mainly focus on whether the hotel is well equipped for children of all ages. The hotel should have attractions, a playground and playrooms where the children can amuse themselves and which can also be used by the adults. A number of luxury hotels are thematic, so if your child loves Lego or Disney stories, you can arrange an unforgettable holiday for him/her.

Tipy na luxusní resorty pro rodiny v Evropě

Diverse and hospitable Greece

Greece, nicknamed the country of perpetual sun, is one of the most popular destinations for a family vacation. It offers a broad range of opportunities for activities during vacation and a broad offer of luxury resorts. In cities such as Athens, you will get the know ancient sights and Greek architecture and history. Lovers of nature and fascinating countryside should go to the Peloponnese island. You will enjoy beautiful beaches, bathing in crystal clear sea and boat trips to the islands of Zakynthos, Rhodes, Corfu or Crete. The Greeks are famous for their hospitality, and their excellent cuisine is known all over the world.

Recommended resorts:

Tipy na luxusní resorty pro rodiny v Evropě

Vivid and multi-coloured Spain

 If you are heading for Spain this year, you can choose from several diverse destinations from continental Spain, through the Balearic Islands to the exotic Canary Islands by the coast of Africa. All destinations at the seaside are famous for their long white beaches, soft sand and clean sea. You can learn about the rich Spanish history, sights and architecture, beautiful nature in a number of national parks, enjoy strolling in picturesque towns or just idle away your time on the beach. Vacation is inherently associated with gastronomic experiences and Spanish cuisine will enchant you.

Recommended resorts:

Tipy na luxusní resorty pro rodiny v Evropě

Italian holiday

Thanks to its diverse scenery and rich culture, Italy offers a broad selection of alternatives of where and how to spend a family vacation. There are hotel complexes by the sea available in summer and ski resorts in the Alps in winter. You can tour a number of fascinating historical towns here, such as Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa and many others. You will enjoy sunny days on the islands of Sardinia and Sicily or in the popular Bibione and Caorle summer resorts. Those keen on water sports and water pleasures will appreciate the Italian lakes, such as Lago di Garda or Lago di Como. The cherry on the cake is Italian cuisine, with pizza, pasta, ice cream, espresso and delicious wines.

Recommended resorts:

Tipy na luxusní resorty pro rodiny v Evropě

Beauties of the Mediterranean on Cyprus

Cyprus is an ideal holiday destination for everyone and is one of the most popular destinations for family vacations, whether you travel with small children or teenagers. Most resorts are ready for that and the children will enjoy fun on water slides,  playgrounds or in entertainment programmes. You can spend your days on the beach with soft golden sand and azure sea. All family members will enjoy a trip to ancient crypts or visiting magical fishing villages. If you are interested in active leisure, there are a number of hiking and cycling paths in Cyprus where you can hike along the sea or up to the mountains. 

Recommended resorts:

Tipy na luxusní resorty pro rodiny v Evropě

Comfort, peace and excellent services in Portugal

Portugal may not be a traditional popular destination, but it still offers excellent opportunities for enjoying a family vacation on the mainland or on its islands. This country with its beautiful beaches is full of the sweet smell of exotic plants. It offers bathing in the sea or a chance to learn about the local history and culture in the cities or folk traditions in small villages. Portugal is famous for its port wine and wine cellars. Portugal also boasts the island of Porto Santo with its beautiful sandy beaches. Besides that, you can visit the westernmost point of Europe - Cape Cabo da Roca,  a place popular with tourists in Portugal.

Tipy na luxusní resorty pro rodiny v Evropě

Luxury family vacation in Croatia

Croatia is usually associated rather with the affordable stays by the sea, but you will also find luxury resorts for families here. It is just up to you whether you spend your vacation by a hotel pool where your children will be taken care of in a children’s club, or together you enjoy the water attractions. You can also set off for trips to the lakes, walk the paved streets of the Croatian towns and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere. Although Croatia is well-known among Czech tourists, there is still a lot to discover. You will find a number of sights here or you can go for a trip to one of the numerous Croatian islands and islets.

Tipy na luxusní resorty pro rodiny v Evropě

Mix of the traditional and the modern in Turkey

You will learn about the vigorous culture that combines original traditions with the  rhythm of the modern world. The local atmosphere guarantees that you will enjoy a great family vacation. You will have all the comforts in the luxury hotels and resorts and the children will enjoy a range of amusements and rich programmes. The Turkish Riviera with its beautiful beaches has a magic atmosphere and in cities such as Istanbul, you will see splendid ancient sights. Adventurers can go for a trip to see the wild nature or tackle the rapids of the rivers on rafts. Turkish cuisine is an experience in itself and the local specialities are served both on the streets and in hotels. You will experience a fabulous dream vacation.

Tipy na luxusní resorty pro rodiny v Evropě

Elegant vacation in France

France offers a number of interesting destinations and numerous opportunities to spend a summer or winter vacation with your family. The French Riviera stretches from Marseilles to Menton and you will find a number of beaches and harbours here in summer resorts which are considered some of the most attractive in Europe.  You can visit lavender-perfumed Provence, the impressive region of Brittany, romantic Paris, castles on the Loire River or take your children to Disneyland. There are a number of Alpine ski resorts available in winter. French gastronomy with its delicious wines is unforgettable and varies from region to region. You will easily absorb the French “art of living” here and enjoy a great family vacation.

Tipy na luxusní resorty pro rodiny v Evropě

Other interesting resorts in Europe

If your children love Lego, you can please them with a stay in the luxury Legoland Feriendorf complex in Günzburg in Germany. The entire facility looks like it is built from Lego blocks and Legoland Park is only a few minutes' walk away. 

Kinderhotel Oberjoch in the town of the same name in the German Alps is one of the most popular hotels focusing on children. There is a large indoor and outdoor playground, go-karts, bowling arena, gym, cinema, theatre, pools and a number of other amusements.

Hotel “Bell Rock” Europa-Park is a thematic hotel that is dominated by a lighthouse with hotel rooms. You can enjoy more than 150 different amusements, performances and other events. It is a very popular resort for family vacations.

Leading Family Hotel & Resort Alpenrose in Lermoos in Austria is ideal for a family vacation any time of the year. Children can enjoy the water park or outdoor and indoor playground with a number of entertaining attractions. If you want to ski or hike, the hotel personnel will take care of your children. 

You can spend a fabulous vacation in Augill Castle in Cumbria, England. Besides the standard attractions for children, the resort also offers a special school for small chefs. If you wish to spend all day with your family, you can attend a culinary training course for children and adults.

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