Flight planning - OPS

Flight planning - OPS

Outsourcing of flight planning is a service that we provide to all companies and individuals who cannot plan the flight themselves. JetBee has an extensive database of post-flight statistical data available, thanks to which we will propose the best solution for you. We guarantee 100% protection of sensitive data.

  • We will arrange for outsourcing of flight planning
  • We will manage commercial utilisation of your aircraft
  • We will enable foreign carriers to enter the European market
Ušetřete čas i peníze se soukromými lety


Hand over the flight planning (OPS) to us and we will arrange complex services from take-off, during the flight to landing. Flight planning is a complex activity that takes time. Thanks to outsourcing, you will utilise your time more efficiently and at optimal costs. We will arrange safe and comfortable transport at very good prices.

Efficiently and professionally

Our flight planning specialists have a solid understanding of the aviation regulations of all countries around the world. They keep track of the latest trends in air transport and guarantee professional and efficient services.

We have all of the certificates required for the air traffic control centre and airworthiness control.

  • AOC
  • PART 145
Kompletní naplánování letu

Planning of flights to new destinations

We provide professional services related to planning of flights to non-traditional and distant destinations where airlines do not usually fly to. We will generate a complete flight plan according to your individual needs and wishes. We are able to flexibly and promptly respond to unusual requirements.

Selection of the best route or flight time

Thanks to the years of experience of our team and the state-of-the-art technologies we use, we will prepare the best routing and the shortest flight time for you. We will optimise your flight to the maximum extent and will make sure you get to your destination in a safe and economically efficient manner.

Crossing clearance and flight plan

Our experienced air traffic controllers, responsible for air and ground traffic and the operation control centre, will arrange for the required crossing clearance and will generate the operational flight plan. Your flight will go smoothly, without complications and worries. We guarantee 100% safety.

No wish can take us by surprise


Personal data will be processed, stored and used in line with the terms and conditions stipulated in our personal data protection policy. By sending the form, you agree to such processing.


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We hold the EASA certificates required for commercial air transport operation:

  • Air Operator Certificate AOC CZ-69
  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization PART CAMO CZ.CAMO.0082
  • Maintenance Organization Certificate PART 145 CZ.145.0104