A Detailed Comparison of Private Jet, Business-Class and First-Class Flights

Velké srovnání private jet, business class a první třídy

For business class, first class and private flights, you will not find typical low-cost tickets offered by budget airlines. Luxury and comfort come at a price. And if you decide to invest in a comfortable flight, it is worth thinking about who you fly with. The costs of booking first or business-class tickets or renting a private aircraft may be very similar. So, what should you take into account when deciding which ticket to buy?

Comfort versus Price

Airlines usually bet on two different and very contradictory strategies to attract customers. Between these two poles, there are different nuances and options for combining both models.

  • The first tactic is offering the cheapest possible price for tickets with the lowest possible costs and extra charges. However, this will not necessarily be reflected in the quality of the offered services and comfort during the flight.
  • The second tactic bets on the flip side of the coin. The carrier offers maximum comfort and service both at the airport and while in the air. Ticket prices include all additional services imaginable in the space between the sky and the ground, at the height of luxury.

Airlines use these approaches to cover various target groups with different needs and ideas. Some people like or need to travel cost-effectively. They simply need to be transported from A to B regardless of low comfort while travelling, overcrowded terminals, lengthy waiting times and essentially zero service.

People who wish or need to have comfort while flying, and who are also willing to pay for it, have three options to choose from: business class, first class or a private flight. What are the differences between them and which one should you choose?

Business Class vs. First Class

Although business class and first class are two separate categories, they have many things in common, which is why they can be discussed together. Different airlines obviously have different conditions and options, and offer different services. However, some general observations about these two higher classes of commercial flights can be made.

In general terms, they differ in the fact that you will find business-class tickets at slightly lower prices than first class. Airlines make up for the higher price of first-class tickets, for example, with a slightly more spacious seat and space around it, 100% service, and a wider range of extra services.

Private Jet
+ the time of departure and arrival is determined by the client
+ individual care and luxury
+ maximum comfort and speed
+ a private terminal
+ additional services, e.g. airport transfers
+ comprehensive flight planning services
+ flexible solutions for possible complications
+ the captain and crew are there just for you

Business Class and First Class 
- you are entirely dependent on the airlines’ flight times
- the luxury is given and not adapted to your needs
- a standard regular flight
- waiting at a public terminal with other passengers
- additional services are not free
- you need to buy a fixed ticket
- you have to wait if the flight is delayed
- you do not know the captain or stewards personally

Private Jet vs. Business Class and First Class

Airport Lounge

After arriving at the airport, you can enjoy extra services with a first or business class ticket. You can go straight to the VIP airport lounge where you can wait for your departure in comfort. There is a pleasant room without crowds of people and with comfortable seats that cannot be compared with the hard seats in public terminals.

VIP lounges often serve high-quality refreshments (which some of the best airlines provide free of charge) and have fast internet connections, while there is also the opportunity to refresh yourself during the journey, and other additional services that are not available to economy-class passengers.

Benefits of Private Flights

In comparison to private jets, some disadvantages remain with commercial flights. While waiting in a VIP lounge provides you with more comfort than other passengers, you still have to wait for the departure like everyone else. 
In the case of a delayed or cancelled commercial flight, you also have to wait, and the only advantage is greater comfort. In addition, there are other passengers in the VIP lounge, as well.

On a private flight, you have a lounge for yourself and for any other passengers you have chosen to fly with you. If something unexpected occurs, the captain or operator will handle the situation with you personally according to your and their options.

Travelling with a private operator offers some benefits while you are still on the ground.
Velké srovnání private jet, business class a první třídy

Check-in, luggage handling and boarding

If you travel in first or business class, you have priority for check-in, and luggage handling, and even when boarding. This means that you do not need to queue for long, your luggage is handled as a priority, and you are the first to board.

But there are also other passengers travelling with you in business or first class, so while you have an advantage over the majority, you are not the sole priority for the crew. In addition, after check-in, luggage handling and boarding, you still have for the remaining passengers.

Benefits of Private Flights

Upon arrival at the airport, the captain or handling staff will immediately take care of you and immediately arrange for everything necessary. All you have to do is present your ID, go through security checks, hand over any luggage, and you can fly.

The aircraft waits for you alone, and is ready for take-off immediately after you arrive. If you arrive early, private flights have the option of take-off before the scheduled departure time.


A private jet is here just for you.

Personnel and Crew

On business or first-class flights, the airport personnel and flight crew will attend to you before the other passengers. You will have priority in all services, but you will share these services with other passengers who have paid for the same extra services as you have.

Commercial flight passengers with a higher-class ticket are clearly a priority. Nevertheless, the personnel and crew hired by the airline have other responsibilities as well.

Benefits of Private Flights

Private flights are tailored to the client individually, and everything is personalized. The airport personnel and the crew are there for the client only, and private passengers can also meet their captain in person.

All services are arranged in advance with the operator to meet any needs and wishes of the passenger. The personnel and crew therefore know exactly what to do, what the client has arranged for in advance, and what he/she will expect during the flight.

Every private flight is unique and individual.

Space on Board

Business and first-class flights provide passengers with spacious and comfortable seats, which can be positioned in such a way that they can sometimes be unfolded into a bed arrangement. There is a lot of space everywhere, so passengers enjoy real comfort.

In first class, the individual seats may be separated to form separate cubicles. In addition to comfort, passengers also have their privacy. After the flight, they disembark feeling well-rested and can concentrate on the destination of their journey.

Benefits of Private Flights

On private jets, you can also expect very comfortable seats, plenty of space, and relaxation during the flight, just like on the commercial flights. As an added benefit, the entire cabin area is designated only for you. You decide where or with whom you want to spend the flight.

A private jet is your private lounge in the sky.

Catering and Refreshment

The price of a business or first class ticket includes high-quality catering and refreshments on board. Passengers in economy class are not usually served meals on short-haul flights, and just a heated ready-to-cook meal or sandwich and other limited refreshments on long-haul flights.

Higher-class passengers can look forward to delicious food and a supply of small snacks. After take-off, they receive a welcome drink and usually have an unlimited supply of soft drinks or alcoholic beverages during the flight. In addition, they receive everything exactly when they want.

Benefits of Private Flights

On a private flight, catering and refreshments are very similar to those offered in business and first class on commercial flights. However, there are some differences. First of all, the ingredients, meals and beverages are of the very best quality.

The captain, or a steward or stewardess, will welcome you on board with a welcome drink. Garnished trays with premium sausages, cheese and fruit, small snacks, and a minibar are available as standard throughout the flight.

In addition, when planning the flight, you can agree with the operator in advance on the meals and drinks you would like to have available on board during the flight. We take into consideration any dietary restrictions and preferences, such as vegetarian and vegan diets, gluten-free diets, and others.

A private flight is a gastronomic experience between heaven and earth.
Velké srovnání private jet, business class a první třídy

Optional Services

If you fly with commercial airlines in business or first class, your ticket price will include extra services, such as priority check-in and boarding, the possibility of using a VIP lounge, and a more comfortable flight.

In addition to the services offered, which may differ between individual commercial operators, you will not, however, get anything else. For the airport personnel and the crew, you are a passenger like all the others, except that you have paid for certain privileges at the airport and during the flight.

Benefits of Private Flights

Compared to commercial flights, where you receive priority treatment and greater comfort, private operators provide their clients with comprehensive services. You decide when and how you want to fly, and what should be available on board during the flight.

In addition, the operator can also provide other services for you, such as transport from the airport to the destination and back, booking accommodation, and other needs related to your journey.

It is entirely up to you whether you want to travel first or business class on a commercial flight, or fly by a private aircraft at very similar prices, where only your own wishes and needs are taken into account.

Are you interested in a private flight? JetBee will arrange for everything for you. Contact us.

Are you interested in a private flight?

Choose your destination and place of departure, we will take care of everything else. If you have any questions, ask us.

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