Empty legs

Empty legs

An empty leg means an affordable last-minute flight. Enjoy the luxury of a private jet for just a fraction of the original price. In the private air travel sector, it sometimes happens that an empty aircraft returns to its home airport from a place where it has transported passengers, or an aircraft flies to a certain destination to pick up passengers. Private airlines can then offer such empty flights at very affordable prices. This allows you to enjoy an affordable luxury. Take a look at detailed information about empty leg flights.

Malaga - Vatry
Malaga - Vatry
19. 04. - 12:05
8 seats
Ostrava - Prague
20. 04. - 12:40
8 seats
Hamburg - Prague
21. 04. - 12:25
8 seats
Prague - Basel/Mulhouse
Prague - Basel/Mulhouse
23. 04. - 04:30
8 seats
Basel/Mulhouse - Prague
25. 04. - 18:30
8 seats
Prague - Basel/Mulhouse
Prague - Basel/Mulhouse
26. 04. - 03:30
8 seats
Basel/Mulhouse - Prague
28. 04. - 18:00
8 seats
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an empty leg flight?

Empty leg is a term used in air travel services. It is a situation where a private jet flies in one direction without passengers. The aircraft has to make this journey, but there are no passengers on board. Such circumstances may arise for two reasons:

  • the aircraft has transported passengers to a requested destination and is returning to its home base
  • the aircraft is flying from one place to another to pick up passengers

Private airlines then offer the vacant seats on board at lower prices, thus making the flight affordable to passengers, while also saving costs for the airline. Some flights may be bound to a specific date, time and destination. However, if you are flexible in terms of time, you have an ideal opportunity to save money with a private flight.

As an advantageous alternative, JetBee also offers flights to destinations “along the way”, where the empty leg flight is not limited to a specific date and place.

Example: If an empty aircraft is flying from Rome to Prague, we can land in Venice and transport passengers to Nuremberg. Contact us, and we will find the most advantageous alternatives for your journey.

What are the advantages of an empty leg flight?

  • You can take advantage of all the benefits of a private flight at affordable prices.
  • A chance to try out a private flight.
  • You only fly with passengers you personally choose.
  • You can travel with a pet on board.
  • A private terminal and a personal approach both at the airport and in the air.
  • High-quality, delicious refreshments that meet the highest gastronomic standards.
  • Safe travel without unnecessary delays.

How much does an empty leg flight cost?

Generally speaking, an empty leg flight is significantly cheaper than a private flight. However, the price of a private flight can vary widely depending on the destination, number of passengers, specific aircraft type, airport charges and other factors. At JetBee, we tailor a price quotation to every client. If you are interested in purchasing an empty leg flight, please contact us, and we will tell you your options without delay. Take a look at more information about how much private flights cost and what factors influence the price of private flights.

Why are the empty leg flights cheaper?

In the case of private flights, passengers very often need to travel to a certain destination where it is not cost-efficient for the aircraft to wait. Or conversely, a client is waiting in a certain place and wants to travel to another. A large number of private flights do not fly to a certain destination one day and return on the next day. This creates situations where an aircraft flies empty between airports. Private airlines therefore try to make use of this untapped potential by offering empty leg flights for purchase. And that is why they offer them at lower prices.

What is a dead leg flight?

A dead leg flight is another term for an empty leg flight. This means an opportunity to purchase cheap air tickets for private flights that would otherwise remain vacant.

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