How much does a private flight cost and what affects the price

Kolik stojí soukromý let a co cenu privátních letů ovlivňuje

The question of price is one of the most frequently asked questions that airlines face in the area of ​​private flights. However, it is not possible to just pull an exact amount out of a hat, so to speak, since many factors contribute to the final price. Reliable airlines can at best provide their customers with a price estimate, based on their previous experience of similar orders. At JetBee, however, we firstly aim to get to know our clients’ wishes and requirements, to meet their needs in as many ways as we can, and only then to calculate the amount that is the most favourable.

Factors that affect the price of a private flight

Unlike large airlines, which operate regular commercial routes, private carriers cannot have fixed prices because each client demand and each flight is individual. The flight is 100% tailored to the client, and everyone has different needs and requirements. When planning flights, a number of variables that are closely related to a specific demand come into play. These include the availability of aircraft and crew, flight hour prices, airport charges, on-board service, transport from the airport to selected destinations, and many other aspects.

Flight hour prices

One of the most important items affecting the price of a private flight is flight hours. This is the time that the aircraft spends in the air from take-off to landing. There is no uniform rate for the price of a flight hour, but rather the price varies according to the type and size of the aircraft, based on which it is then clearly determined. The price is also affected by the number of passengers on-board the aircraft, which again depends on the specific configuration of the flight. It's completely up to you whether you prefer travelling alone on the plane, or if you would rather share the costs with other passengers. If multiple passengers are flying, a recalculation will often tell you that the price for one passenger corresponds to the price of a ticket for a commercial flight. The luxury of a private flight then works as an added value.

A private jet operator can estimate in advance how long the flight to your chosen destination will take and calculate the number of hours spent in the air accordingly. The operator will also offer you the most suitable type of aircraft, which will reach its destination the most economically within the flight hours. However, it is always necessary to take into account that this is only an indicative amount that can change.

Kolik stojí soukromý let a co cenu privátních letů ovlivňuje

Example: You book a flight with JetBee from Prague to Paris. Our Hawker BeechJet 400 aircraft flies at an average speed of 820 kph (510 mph). That means you will spend a little over an hour in the air. However, this is only a preliminary calculation and the final number of flight hours depends on the current conditions in the air and at airports.

It is also clear from the above example that it is very important to choose the most suitable aircraft. Choosing an aircraft according to the lowest price per flight hour does not guarantee that you will pay the lowest possible price for the entire flight. If you fly to Paris, for example, with a King Air plane, which flies at an average speed of 388 kph (241 mph), you will spend more time in the air and pay for more flight hours. At JetBee, we therefore always try to offer our clients the most advantageous flights, taking into account the price to performance ratio. We know that price lists are only indicative, but a correct calculation is key.

Kolik stojí soukromý let a co cenu privátních letů ovlivňuje

One-way and return flights

When flying with large commercial companies, it often makes sense to buy a return ticket. With a private airline, the question as to whether a one-way flight is a better option than a return flight depends on several factors. It is sometimes better to fly to your final destination and let the aircraft return to its home airport or pick up new passengers at another airport. Other times, it's more economical for the aircraft to stay parked at the airport you're flying to and wait for you there. It all depends on the airport's capacity and workload, and the specific situation. As an operator, JetBee always tries to provide its clients with the most advantageous configuration based specifically on their needs.

Empty legs” is a term used to describe empty flights. This situation arises when an aircraft is flying empty to pick up a client at a destination, or conversely, transporting them to the desired location and flying back without any passengers. Private airlines then proceed to offer seats on these flights at discounted prices. If you are not insistent on a specific date of departure or arrival, empty legs are a very interesting way to save on a private flight.

Kolik stojí soukromý let a co cenu privátních letů ovlivňuje

Comfort comes first

The price of a private jet also includes all the comfort you are provided with for the duration of the journey. Forget long waits, queues at check-in, worries about luggage and typical unappetizing food. The price of a private flight includes above-standard services that you will not usually find on commercial flights. Travelling via private jet is synonymous with the fastest way to travel, a uniquely tailored experience, and comfort.

Advantages of air taxis

  • Individual price calculation for each flight
  • Possibility to choose the departure time and destination
  • No waiting, no rush and no queues
  • Special designated terminal and easy check-in
  • Express booking
  • Refreshment available on request
  • Ideal for business trips and holidays
  • Efficient and convenient way of travelling

At your request, the operator will take you from home or work to the airport and from the airport to your chosen location. At the airport, you will immediately arrive at a private terminal, where you will not have to deal with crowds of other passengers, and where the captain of the aircraft or the handling service will further assist you. The moment you arrive at the airport, all preparations for your departure will be set in motion, so not a minute of your time will be lost. You will not wait for the aircraft, the aircraft will be there just for you. During the flight, you will have the whole aircraft to yourself and your loved ones or colleagues. Catering is provided for you on board at the level of top restaurants, complete with a minibar. Everything is prepared according to your exact specifications and requirements.

The price of a private flight also includes airport fees, fees for handling and check-in of the aircraft, and other costs for the departure of a private flight. The price calculation offered by JetBee is final and there are no additional hidden fees.

Kolik stojí soukromý let a co cenu privátních letů ovlivňuje

Current aircraft location and choosing an airport

The price of a private flight may be cheaper if the aircraft is currently present at the location from which you want to fly. This will save you the cost of bringing the aircraft in or transport to its current location. That's why JetBee offers its clients aircraft that are found closest to their chosen location. As a result, we can offer the best possible flight prices.

Another way to pay less on a private flight is to choose an alternative airport. Commercial flights of large companies mostly go to international airports, which are usually located on the outskirts of large cities or in their suburbs. However, private airlines can also use smaller airports, which may be closer to your destination. This saves you time and money on airport transfers. In addition, smaller airports tend to have lower landing and waiting fees.

If your flight is well-configured, the price will not be much different from a business class or 1st class ticket. JetBee specializes in individual, tailor-made flights at the best prices.

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