5 tips on how to choose a private flight


The popularity of private flights is increasing and it is no longer a service available only to owners of international corporations, top sportsmen, Hollywood stars or other celebrities. Even you can fly by private plane. Nevertheless, it will not be easy for a newcomer to the world of private flights to get oriented at the beginning. If you have just become one of those passengers willing to pay extra money for luxury, extraordinary services and comfort, we have prepared 5 tips for you on how to choose a private flight.

Spend enough time on research

To make sure you get the experience you expect, it is worth spending sufficient time on comparing the offers of individual private carriers. Remember that unlike low-cost flights which feature low prices at the expense of quality, a private jet offers the opposite. A private flight goes hand in hand with comfort, flexibility, privacy and luxury. With a private flight, you pay to avoid overcrowded terminals and wasting time, while getting maximum quality of the services offered.

Your first steps should be on the internet, where you will find out which private airlines are available. Take time to browse their websites. Pay attention mainly to how the website is set up, whether everything is explained comprehensibly and whether you have a chance to get an idea of the services offered. Credit the company for a detailed introduction to the entire team and individual employees, a description of their experience and list of the individual planes of the fleet including the technical parameters.

Another good sign is when the website updates the current news on a periodical basis in the form of a magazine or blog. This is a very good indicator that the company is developing continuously, monitors current trends and tries to provide its clients with as much information as possible or with tips from the world of private flights.

5 tipů, jak si vybrat soukromý let

Contact the company in person

A stylish company website with detailed information in itself does not obviously guarantee quality. Personal contact, even by telephone, will tell you much more. Before you do so, you should specify your requirements and needs precisely. Ask yourself several fundamental questions which will help you clarify what you expect from the particular flight.

  • What is your destination and how many passengers will be going?
  • Do you wish to travel without a transfer?
  • Are you interested in catering and want to know whether it is included in the price?
  • Will you be travelling with a pet?
  • What are the permitted luggage dimensions?
  • Is a steward/stewardess available on the flight?
  • Is there a toilet aboard the aircraft?
  • Do you wish to order an airport shuttle?

It is after all up to you how you want to configure your flight. Another good source of inspiration is the Frequently Asked Questions section on private airlines’ websites. Also pay attention to the aircraft type and size to get an idea from the communication with the company what they offer you. Once you have considered all these aspects, it is time to make the call.

Thanks to communication with the airlines representative, you will quickly realize what type of services they provide. If they are able to answer all of your questions in a professional manner and seem to be acquainted with private air traffic services, then you are in the right place. This is also a way to find out whether it is an airline the objective of which is to provide the best possible services or rather tries to only attract clients with low prices at the expense of quality.

5 tipů, jak si vybrat soukromý let

Technical Parameters and Budget

You should not forget to ask questions about the technical and operating parameters. Be interested in how the company maintains its aircraft and whether they have all of the required certifications. If you did not find any information on their website about their captains’ experience, ask. Only once the airline knows all of your requirements for the private flight will it be able to quote a price for your trip.

If you get the information about the airfare earlier, you will probably not get the best services, the flight will not meet your expectations or you will be charged some hidden fees later on. Typically, it is the fee for the flight duration or for the waiting time at the airport. The airlines calculate a reference price based on the assumed flying hours. In the case, for instance, of bad weather or delayed departure, the price for the flight may easily go up.

Advantageous empty leg flights

The offer of private flights may also include empty leg flights. This is a situation when a private aircraft flies empty to a certain destination to pick up a passenger or, after dropping off the passenger, returns empty to the home airport. These flights are necessary for the aircraft with the crew to get to the required destination. Some private airlines offer empty leg flights at a lower price. These are mostly last-minute air tickets on the provision that the flight meets your needs precisely. Then you may enjoy the luxury of a private jet at really good prices.

5 tipů, jak si vybrat soukromý let

Choosing the right airport is the key

Most people who order a private flight for the first time automatically take large international airports into consideration. There are a number of small airports which might be more advantageous in many aspects. Therefore, it is worth checking a specific destination with the operator. In many cases, they will be able to offer you another airport that will better meet your needs. Small or private airports offer a number of advantages.

  • They are less busy, so the risk of delay is lower.
  • They may be closer to your destination.
  • In some cases, using them is less expensive.
  • They are more comfortable and have fewer passengers.

Why to choose a private flight

Private flights are not only a synonym for luxury, privacy and comfort, but aspects such as time saving or easier logistics of transfers play an important role, as well. Waiting is perhaps the worst part of travelling. You queue to check in, to pass the security check and then to board the aircraft. In addition to that, there are crowds of annoyed or tired passengers and noisy children around you.

5 tipů, jak si vybrat soukromý let

Private terminal

You do not need to face these inconveniences in the case of a private flight. Having arrived at the airport, you easily get directly to the private terminal where they check your documents and luggage. In the case of travelling in unusual situations, such as the coronavirus pandemic, you do not need to worry that your flight will be cancelled or that you will have to wait for long.


Another advantage of private flights is easy packaging of luggage. Most commercial airlines have very strict rules in terms of the size and weight of hand and checked-in luggage. Similarly strict restrictions apply to the items you can take on board. Certain limits also apply to a private jet, but they are definitely not as strict as in case of commercial flights.

Selecting the airport

Other benefits of private flights include the possibility to choose the most convenient destination. Major airlines mostly fly to large international airports. They are very busy, so there is a greater risk of delay and you will not avoid crowds of people. Private airlines will arrange for departure from and landing at such airport that is closest to your destination.


Private flights are not only practical and comfortable, but the psychological effect plays a role here, as well. From booking the private jet, travelling to the airport, the flight and then arrival at the destination, all personnel and the crew pay attention only to you and to the few other passengers travelling with you who you have chosen yourself. Everything is arranged with respect to ensuring the greatest comfort to you. 
Aircraft such as the Beechjet400A which are used for private flights by some operators, including JetBee, are equipped to provide the greatest possible comfort to passengers.

You do not wait for the aircraft, the aircraft waits for you.

Are you interested in a private flight?

Choose your destination and place of departure, we will take care of everything else. If you have any questions, ask us.

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