Safe Christmas – Winter Holiday Tips for 2020

Bezpečné Vánoce – tipy na zimní dovolenou 2020

Christmas time and the last days of the year are a synonym for peace, relaxation and holidays for most people. Christmas 2020, however, will be affected by the coronavirus pandemic and there will be some difficulties associated with travelling. However, this does not mean that you have to stay at home. Private flights will safely transport you to destinations where you will enjoy a genuine Christmas atmosphere.

Private Flights during Christmas and COVID-19

At Christmas or on New Year’s Day 2021, JetBee will transport you to the destination of your choice so that you can enjoy the holidays exactly as you wish. We are continuously monitoring the development of the coronavirus situation in individual countries and abide by the recommendations of the World Health Organisation.

We will recommend which countries are safe based on several criteria:

  • number of persons infected per million inhabitants
  • number of hospital beds per inhabitant
  • vicinity of available airports
  • status of public health regulations
  • public health regulations and restrictions in hotels, shops, restaurants, transport and public places
  • availability of protective equipment, such as disinfection or masks

The Most Beautiful Christmas Destinations

When planning a flight, we will inform you about the safety measures in the country you have chosen for your Christmas holiday. In particular, whether it is necessary to have a valid coronavirus test before departure or upon return, what the limitations are and what protective equipment is required to be used.

Bezpečné Vánoce – tipy na zimní dovolenou 2020

Budapest (Hungary) - Christmas Markets, Spas and Gastronomy

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, is rightly known as the lady on the Danube River. Its real beauty is even more apparent when it is veiled in a Christmas dress. During the day, you will enjoy a walk around the historic centre and wonderful views of the whole city. It will then fascinate you with its lit-up Christmas decorations in the evening.

Budapest is also a synonym for spas and you will find one of the largest spa complexes in Europe here. In addition to the curative effects of the thermal springs, architecture lovers will also enjoy it. Most of the spa houses are beautifully decorated and represent the best of the creative spirit of previous centuries.

Christmas Market

The Advent Market by St Stephen’s Basilica is one of the most popular Christmas markets with tourists in Europe. But you need not worry you will run into crowds of tourists or that the markets have lost their authenticity. Budapest carefully guards its traditions.

The stands are mainly dominated by those with traditional refreshments. You can have a taste of Hungarian specialities such as sausages, stuffed peppers, lángos, goulash in bread and an inexhaustible selection of sweets. Typical Hungarian products, especially knitted garments, sheepskin accessories and folk art, are renowned, as well.

Bezpečné Vánoce – tipy na zimní dovolenou 2020

Vienna (Austria) - the Best of the Past and the Present

If you want to combine safety and comfort during the holidays, Vienna is the right city to visit. The Austrian metropolis is an ideal destination for a family holiday or romantic Christmas. In addition to being one of the safest places in Europe in general, even as far as coronavirus is concerned, you do not have to worry much about anything here.

In Vienna, you will experience the still living legacy of the imperial past, as well as the dynamic beat of a modern city. Under the nickname of the City of the Waltz, you will find beautiful architecture and cosy cafés with Wiener coffee and Sacher cake as well as a varied range of galleries.

Christmas Market

Unlike many other European cities, Vienna is specific, as it does not have one major Christmas market. The Advent atmosphere spreads over the entire city. The most beautiful markets are the Christmas Village and the markets outside the Schönbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace and City Hall Square.

The large number of markets offers something for everyone - families with children, lovers of delicious food, whether you can't resist a piece of high-quality meat, you are vegan, you care about a sustainable lifestyle, or you want to enjoy a full dose of romance at Christmas.

Bezpečné Vánoce – tipy na zimní dovolenou 2020

Tallinn (Estonia) - Picturesque Pearl of the North

Like Vienna, the Estonian capital city belongs to those least affected by the coronavirus crisis. As Tallinn ranks among the smallest metropolises in Europe, it is also very safe. Thanks to the size of the city, you have everything in the palm of your hand and will easily manage visiting all the city sights on foot.

The Old City, which shows signs of both Danish and German influence, contrast interestingly with the modern skyscrapers and the harbour. The city has a pulsating night life and offers a wide range of cultural and sports opportunities.

Christmas Markets

In 2019, the Tallinn Christmas market won the title of best advent market in Europe. It is no wonder because Tallinn in the 15th century was the first city where a Christmas tree was erected. The Advent celebrations, therefore, have a very long tradition here, and the Christmas atmosphere is apparent at every turn.

The Christmas markets in Tallinn are famous mainly for their family and romantic atmosphere. In most European markets, you will find more stands with food and refreshments. You will also, of course, be able to taste the local specialities in Tallinn, but the markets are renowned mainly for stands selling objects of art and traditional products.

Bezpečné Vánoce – tipy na zimní dovolenou 2020

Gdansk (Poland) - Charming Labyrinth on the Baltic Coast

Gdansk is one of the most beautiful Polish cities and its rich history and beautiful architecture daringly competes with the declared tourist destination of Krakow. At every turn, visitors can take in the atmosphere of a large seaport city, as well as its emotional history. This is most obvious in the Old Town, which gives the impression that it dates back to the Middle Ages, but was established after the Second World War.

The old times organically blend with modern times. You can visit an unbelievable number of cathedrals, churches, burgess houses and other historical monuments here, and you can take a rest during sightseeing in one of many cafés, bistros or cosy restaurants where you can savour the latest gastronomic trends.

Christmas Markets

Christmas is a very important holiday for the deeply religious Poles. This makes a visit to their Christmas markets a real experience. From the end of November to the beginning of January, the historic centre of Gdansk regularly hosts a renowned Christmas market which cannot be endangered even by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

In 2020, the Christmas market will be held in a limited form, but you will still find everything here that is an integral part of it. You can find both local and European gastronomic specials and traditional handicraft at the Gdansk Christmas fair.

Bezpečné Vánoce – tipy na zimní dovolenou 2020

Zagreb (Croatia) - Winner of Three Best Christmas Market Awards

Croatia is one of the safest countries in Europe as far as the COVID-19 2020 epidemic is concerned. Besides that, Croatian cities offer a large number of private apartments, villas, boutique hotels and other accommodation opportunities, while being far from crowded places. This is what makes Croatia a highly sought-after destination with the epidemiological measures applied.

As a tourist destination, the capital city of Croatia is very attractive and is called the true heart of the country for a good reason. Here, you will find a rich mix of history, traditions, culture, gastronomy and other ways of passively and actively enjoying the Christmas holidays.

Christmas Markets

The Zagreb Christmas markets were declared the most beautiful place to spend Advent three times in a row (2016, 2017 and 2018). As a result, they have become one of the most renowned global markets alongside Vienna, Budapest, thus becoming one of the most sought-after Christmas destinations in Europe.

The Christmas market extends all across the city centre and at every corner, you will find stands with local refreshments, handicraft items and many other products. The Christmas atmosphere is ever-present and you can enjoy a safe and undisturbed Advent time in Zagreb.

Bezpečné Vánoce – tipy na zimní dovolenou 2020

Nuremberg (Germany) - One of the Largest Christmas Markets in Europe

Nuremberg is the second largest Bavarian city and an important commercial, scientific, technical and cultural centre of the region. Despite the fact that it was largely damaged during the Second World War, you will find numerous historical buildings and other monuments there.

In the Old City, you can admire the massive town fortifications and enjoy the romantic atmosphere of small picturesque streets. Looming over it is the Kaiserburg Imperial Castle, which looks like right out of a fairytale. The Nuremberg Zoo with dolphinarium and the largest shopping centre in Germany are well-known, too.

Christmas Markets

The Christmas markets in Nuremberg are some of the most popular Advent fairs in Germany. They have been held on Hauptmarkt Square since 1628 which ranks them among the oldest Christmas markets in Europe. If you like traditions, Nuremberg is the right Christmas destination for you.

You can buy popular and traditional Christmas articles at the market, including famous handmade Christmas decorations and German porcelain from renowned porcelain factories. While walking about the market, you can warm up with traditional mulled wine and appease your hunger with a typical Nuremberg sausage.

Treat yourself or your loved ones a private flight to popular destinations as a Christmas present. JetBee will take care of everything for you. Contact us.

The information about the Christmas markets taking place (updated as of 25 November 2020) may change in the light of the epidemiological development.

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