The UEFA Conference League Is Coming to Prague! Why Not Let JetBee Get You There in Style?

Konferenční liga UEFA přilétá do Prahy: buďte u toho s JetBee!

As the UEFA Conference League 2023 draws to a close, West Ham United FC and AC Fiorentina will face off at the Fortuna Arena to determine who will be crowned champion. Want to see it live? Arrange an effortless journey to the heart of Europe with JetBee. Enjoy comfort, luxury, and a hassle-free trip that will get you to the stadium on time so that you don't miss a single second. 

UEFA Conference League Final: A Night of Football to Remember 

On the first Wednesday in June, we'll witness one of the most important events in the European football calendar. On 7th June, West Ham United FC and AC Fiorentina will face off in the final of the UEFA Conference League in Prague, to decide who will be the winner of this year's prestigious football competition.  

Prague is no newcomer to hosting major tournaments. The 20,000-seat stadium, home to SK Slavia Prague, had the honour of hosting the UEFA Super Cup final just ten years ago. It then became the venue for the final of the European Under-21 Championship back in 2015 and, once again, it has the opportunity to replicate that unique atmosphere full of emotion, excitement, and euphoria.  

A Chance for Teams from all over Europe: That's the UEFA Conference League

The Conference League is the third most prestigious European club football competition organised by UEFA. Created to complement the Champions League and Europa League, the competition gives teams from across Europe the chance to compete at international level. The winner of the UEFA Conference League then secures a place in the following season's Europa League. Which of the teams will qualify this year? Will it be London's West Ham United FC or Florence’s AC Fiorentina? Don't miss your chance to be there; get JetBee to take you onboard on one of our exclusive aircraft. We promise you won't regret it!  

At JetBee, Convenience and Comfort is Our Top Priority

Whether you're an avid football fan who daren't miss a single game, or a team manager or coach who lives and breathes football, travel can always be a challenge. That's why business aviation company JetBee is here for you. We’ll get you to the venue comfortably, safely, and most importantly, on time. By boarding one of our luxurious aircraft, the stress of crowded airports and delayed flights will simply fly away. We pride ourselves on our personalised approach and we will be more than happy to accommodate any requirements or requests you may have to make your journey more comfortable. 

More Than Just a Journey 

A private flight to Prague is just the beginning of what JetBee can offer you. Our modern aircraft are the definition of luxury and elegance, making every flight a memorable experience. The aircraft we operate at JetBee have plush interiors in which you can look forward to spacious and fully reclining seats, premium catering, and a wide range of appetising beverages. Our professional Crew will always be on hand from door to door to assist with your every need. For us, our motto "Above Expectations" is a true commitment to what we do.

Simplicity at Its Best

Booking your flight with JetBee has never been easier. Give us a call, send us an email, or get in touch our website to find out more. Our team is on hand 24/7 to cater to your each and every need. Ready for takeoff? Then book your flight with us today! 

Just Can’t Get Enough? Let JetBee Take You the Extra Mile 

Is one match not enough? We feel the same! Why not travel to see the 2023 UEFA Europa League final on 31st May in Budapest? Or perhaps the UEFA Champions League in Istanbul on 10th June? Wherever the destination, JetBee is always here to make your wishes a reality.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to experience the UEFA Conference Finals in all its glory and book your private flight with JetBee now. We guarantee that you will not only have a great football experience, but also an #aboveexpectations travel experience.  

See you in Prague!

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