Visit the 57th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Comfortably, Efficiently, and in Style with JetBee

Karlovarský filmový festival s Jetbee

Imagine stepping out of a luxury private aircraft and finding yourself right in the centre of a globally renowned film festival. Does this sound too good to be true? At JetBee, we’re able to make that dream a reality. Are you ready to visit the 57th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival? Let JetBee be your trusted partner and get you there in luxury, comfort, and style.

Karlovy Vary: A Spa Paradise and Cultural Gem of the Czech Republic

The city of Karlovy Vary is famous for its many thermal springs. Thanks to their healing effects, hundreds of thousands of spa guests visit every year to regenerate and relax. However, this important spa town has much more to offer. Karlovy Vary is a unique blend of natural gifts and cultural events and may surprise you in many ways.

Peaceful Spa Town to a Global Film Centre

At the turn of June and July, the relatively quiet city of 50,000 comes alive and turns into the centre of world cinematography. Karlovy Vary hosts an international film festival every year, and this year's 57th edition is just around the corner. World-renowned Actors and Directors, including Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe, have already confirmed their participation. Crowe will come to Karlovy Vary to receive the Crystal Globe for his outstanding artistic contribution to world cinematography, but he will also present himself to the festival visitors as a musician. Crowe will perform with his band, Indoor Garden Party, at the opening concert. The only way to enjoy such a prestigious event like the 57th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival is to do it in style. 

Travel to Karlovy Vary Comfortably and Efficiently with JetBee

Every experience begins with the journey itself. But what’s the most pleasant and efficient way to arrive at an event like this? Look no further than JetBee! The only option that can get you to your destination on time, comfortably, and safely. We believe that only a private flight can satisfy all your desires.  Flying with us goes beyond the scope of ‘ordinary travel’ and can offer you much more. By choosing to fly with us, you’ll be in charge of your own itinerary, you’ll travel in complete privacy, and you’ll save hours of precious time.

Karlovy Vary Airport: Film Festival Within Reach

Karlovy Vary is simply a symbol of the benefits of private flying. This small airport is only a 10-minute drive to the city centre, ensuring you can get on the red carpet in no time. Of course, to enhance your experience, JetBee can also arrange a private transfer making your journey worry-free. 

Private Flight: An Experience That’ll be Above Your Expectations

Why wait to have some champagne at the festival? With JetBee, you’ll be provided with a luxurious catering service as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of your choice on all our flights. Naturally, we cater for everyone and ensure that any dietary restrictions or requirements are taken care of. JetBee will go above and beyond to make sure your flight is ‘Above Expectations’. 

Book Your Flight to the 57th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Today!

Does it still sound too good to be true? Let’s make it a reality! Our fleet of private jets are ready for departure, so book with us today! We'll happily accommodate all your requests and get you to the 57th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival swiftly, comfortably, safely, and most importantly - in style!

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