We care about your safety - aircraft disinfection in the time of Coronavirus

We care about your safety

Under normal conditions, we usually tidy up and clean the aircraft cabin after each flight. During this second wave of COVID-19, we are expanding the standard routine with special measures in line with the orders issued by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our effort is to provide our clients with a 100% safe flight; we care about their safety, as well as about the health of our crews.

Professional responsibility and respect for orders

Our main objective is to provide our clients with top-quality services and make sure travelling is not just a necessity, but mainly a pleasant experience. The JetBee team is a group of professionals with years of experience and our captains are at the top of their field. In the present situation associated with coronavirus, we, as a private airline, help passengers fly safely.

We try to minimise the risk of the passengers and the crew catching the COVID-19 virus, and therefore, we thoroughly respect the extraordinary health protection regulations in line with the Guideline for Maintaining Safety and Protection of Flight Crews and Passengers in Commercial Air Transport. In practice, this means that we clean and fully disinfect our aircraft after each flight using substances dedicated for such purposes.

We use disinfecting agents approved by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in line with the recommendations of our aircraft manufacturers. This is specifically a mixture containing 62% - 71% ethanol, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 0.1% sodium hydrochlorite.


Our response is flexible and prompt

The situation during the coronavirus pandemic is changing every day and we are ready to promptly respond to the associated changes. We track the news and updates on the EASA website on a continuous basis and immediately react to the new regulations. As for such changes, we track, in particular:

  • List of airports located in high-risk locations
  • WHO procedures applied to health in aviation
  • Risk assessment in terms of operating circumstances

In line with the guideline of the Civil Aviation Authority, we keep all records of aircraft disinfection. This enables us to demonstrate that we properly comply with any and all regulations so that we prevent any infection to the maximum extent.

Travel safely with JetBee

Private air transport is one of the safest alternatives for travelling on business or vacation with family or friends. Unlike commercial flights, private flights are in all aspects arranged with respect to you and your safety. Thanks to departing from a private terminal, you will avoid contact with large groups of people and waiting in enclosed premises where the infection risk is higher. You travel only with the persons you have chosen and who you are sure are not infectious.

We guarantee that our crews are 100% non-infectious. For each flight, we have a Universal Precaution Kit available on the board, which is intended for cases of contact with potentially infectious persons or for disposal of potentially infectious waste. Common disinfecting kits can naturally be found on board.

Are you considering a private jet flight? Read how private flights work during COVID-19.

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i Your health is important for us. COVID-19 - safety procedures

We all at JetBee Czech care deeply about your safety, health and wellbeing. This is as true now as it has always been ever since we did the first flight for you. We know travel looks a little different these days, but rest assured that we’re here for you every step of the way.

The latest research is showing that aircraft cabins are among the safest of public indoor environments. The risk of COVID-19 exposure on board our planes is almost zero thanks to advanced air filtration systems and diligent cleaning protocols. We’ve introduced several new procedures throughout all our aircrafts, designed to keep you safe from Covid-19.

Our crew members as well as ground staff oversee all aircraft cleaning procedures to ensure they meet or exceed EASA and local Authorities published guidelines. We’ll be constantly updating these measures in accordance with the latest guidelines from local authorities. JetBee Czech crew members are regularly checked for signs of the virus. Please be aware customers may be asked for additional documentation and health certificates ahead of their flight being confirmed.