Nextant 400 XT

Nextant 400 XT

Our newest aircraft in the fleet, the Nextant 400 XT, offers a spacious oval cabin, comfortable seats, and a high level of luxury. It meets all the latest air travel requirements and will take you wherever you wish to fly in comfort and style.

  • The Nextant 400 XT provides the ideal combination of private flight benefits at an affordable price. Enjoy the comfort of a private business jet when on business or entertainment trips.
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Convenience and comfort guaranteed

JetBee's Nextant 400 XT will take you even further than before. Our current fleet already allows our clients to explore all possible corners of Europe and North Africa while being transported in style. The extended range of the Nextant 400 XT, which is up to 3,700 km (2,300 miles), opens up even more options and allows you to make longer trips worry free.

  • 7 passengers
  • range 3700 km
  • speed 820 km/h
Nextant 400 XT


A business jet is an ideal solution for all passengers who require privacy, comfort and speed when travelling. Our team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will deliver you to your destination safely without needless waiting. You will have all comfort on the board including refreshments, a bar and toilet.

Ing. Jaroslav Stůj, MBA
Ing. Jaroslav Stůj, MBA
CEO - Chief of Executive Office (AM, CPT BE40, L410), Line Training Captain

„I have more than 30 years' experience in team leadership and strategic management of operation and transport. I have worked in various job positions in the air transport segment for many years, I have an active ATPL pilot license and I am a multi-pilot aircraft captain.“

Karel Svoboda
Ing. Karel Svoboda
Captain of Hawker 400, Line Training Captain, Flight Instructor and Flight Operations Manager (FOM)

"I graduated in Professional Pilot and Air Traffic Operation and Management specializations. Flying is my passion and I have worked as a pilot, captain and flight instructor for several airlines. Currently, I am a Hawker Beechjet 400A captain at JetBee."

Michal Vláčilík
Michal Vláčilík
Captain of Hawker 400, Line Training Captain and Crew Training Manager (CTM)

„The joy of flying has enriched my life since my youth. From 2018, I have worked as a pilot for JetBee Czech. During that time, I have also taken on a role of being a professional flight instructor. The role of Crew Training Manager gives me the responsibility to select and tutor new Crew members that join our company.”

Vojtěch Schwarzmann
Ing. Vojtěch Schwarzmann
Captain Hawker 400A/XP, technical pilot and instructor

"As a pilot, captain, flight instructor, and lecturer in aviation, I highly emphasise using a range of practical and professional knowledge. I dedicate 100% of my work life and part of my personal life to aviation. I try to use the knowledge I acquire in practice when passing on experience to other pilots."

Petr Erneker
Ing. Petr Erneker
Captain Hawker 400A/XP

„Aviation is not just a profession for me, it is a lifelong hobby. I studied Air Transport Operations and Economics at the University of Žilina and, since 2016, I have been working as a captain on our Hawker 400A/XP aircraft. As part of my education, I obtained the licences and certificates needed to work in international civil aviation.“

Martin Jančík
Ing. Martin Jančík
Captain Hawker 400A/XP

„I have been involved in aviation on a sporting level since 2005, and professionally since 2013. I studied Air Transport at the Faculty of Operational Economics of Transport and Communications at the University of Žilina. As an airline, corporate, and military pilot, I always pay attention to flight safety, passenger comfort and a professionalism. In my spare time, I dedicate myself to training a new generation of pilots and flying in aero clubs.”

Tomáš Papoušek
Tomáš Papoušek
First Officer Hawker 400A/XP, flight instructor

"I graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and have been flying for over 20 years. I have spent the past few years working as a commercial pilot and flight instructor. My main goal is to get our passengers to their destinations safely and in comfort."

Tomáš Černoch
Tomáš Černoch
First Officer Hawker 400A/XP, flight instructor

"I have been a flight instructor for many years, training the next generation of professional pilots. This includes students from Czech universities as well as international students. As an instructor, I’m highly focused on pre-flight planning before conducting an actual flight. Good technical know-how or an understanding of the evolving weather are the main pillars of safety."

Lukáš Herman
Bc. Lukáš Herman
First Officer Hawker 400A/XP

"I became a professional pilot in 2020 after completing my bachelor’s studies at the transport faculty, ČVUT. I then continued to study operations and management of air transport at the same institution. The part of being a pilot I enjoy most, is linking technical knowledge in combination with a personal approach to colleagues and passengers."

Zdeněk Houfek
Ing. Zdeněk Houfek
First Officer Hawker 400A/XP, flight instructor

"A good pilot is very knowledgeable not only in piloting an aircraft, but also in related areas such as aircraft operations, maintenance, navigation, and weather analysis. I have flown various types of aircraft while also acting as an airworthiness inspector. I hold CPL, MEP, IR, FI and ULL licences."

Jan Košťál
Jan Košťál
Servis a údržba letadel


Unlike most small private jet operators, we have our own aircraft service centre. This enables us to maintain our aircraft in flight-ready condition easily and promptly. We are licensed to service other operators’ aircraft. We also offer handling and outsourcing of services. We will take care of your aircraft and will manage the commercial operation thereof.

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We hold the EASA certificates required for commercial air transport operation:

  • Air Operator Certificate AOC CZ-69
  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization PART CAMO CZ.CAMO.0082
  • Maintenance Organization Certificate PART 145 CZ.145.0104