10 Myths about Private Jet Rental

10 mýtů o pronájmu soukromého letadla a private jet

Many people think that the cost of renting private jets and flights is only for the very rich. However, the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has proven that the contrary is the case, and private jets have been significantly dominating air transport. Have a look at some of the myths that surround private jet rental and find out the truth about private jet charters.

MYTH No. 1 - Only millionaires can afford private flights

The most widespread myth about private flights is the rental price. However, the idea that you need to be rich in order to afford a private flight is long out of date. It is true that private jet charters are often mainly associated with the global elite, leading politicians or celebrities. However, this does not mean that private flights would not be available to "ordinary" people as well.

“Private flights are commonly available at affordable prices.”

On the contrary. If you choose an experienced operator, you can buy a private flight at the same price you would pay for first class or business class on a commercial flight. At JetBee, we can customise flights so that the price for a private aircraft is as low as possible.

It is also possible to save money by sharing the costs of a flight with other passengers. If all seats on a private jet are taken, private flights can be surprisingly affordable. Small aircraft like the Hawker BeechJet 400 can be leased at affordable and realistic prices.

MYTH No. 2 - Private flights are only for the elite

In the past, travelling by private jet might have given a somewhat elitist impression. But that is no longer the case today. Private airlines throughout the world have substantially expanded their typical customer portfolio.

Private flights are no longer only a privilege for royal families, presidents and other distinguished persons. Even the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that private flights are available to many other groups of travellers.

At JetBee, we treat all clients equally, whether they are popular celebrities, families with children, groups of businessmen, or groups of friends. An equal approach and respect for all go without saying.

MYTH No. 3 - Booking a ticket for a commercial flight is easier

This may be true if you buy a low-cost flight ticket without worrying about when you fly, how long you wait at the airport or how crowded the plane is going to be.

But in fact, booking a ticket with a private operator is much easier. A private airline will handle everything for you from the arrival at the airport, the flight itself, and the procedures after landing at your destination. They will do everything to provide you with maximum satisfaction, while you won't have to lift a finger.

JetBee will take care of every aspect of your booking. We will plan your flight, select a qualified crew, and provide the most suitable aircraft.

MYTH No. 4 - You have to be an expert to choose a private flight

In rare cases, booking a private flight for the first time may be a difficult experience. However, this is exactly why there is an operator to guide you through the whole process and to help you with anything.

The myth that you need to be an expert to choose a private flight is also supported by unjustified rumours that operators may take advantage of people who do not know much about private flights. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

You do not need to know everything about private flights. Experienced operators will help you.

At JetBee, we have experience with seasoned passengers who fly with us regularly, and newcomers who are deciding on their first flight. We take into account the needs and wishes of every individual client and precisely tailor communication to them.

10 mýtů o pronájmu soukromého letadla a private jet

MYTH No. 5 - Commercial flights are safer than private flights

Numerous commercial airlines are known worldwide. You only have to pronounce their name, and everyone knows right away that you are talking about an airline. A well-known company name automatically inspires trust. The names of private carriers are often less recognisable, and a number of questions arise when it comes to aircraft rental.

  • How do I choose a private airline?
  • Is the chosen operator credible?
  • Can the company ensure a safe flight?

When choosing a private airline, it is worth paying attention and time to reviews. Go to the website of the chosen company, see if you can get answers to all your questions there, and find out whether everything is explained clearly.

As a general rule, the safety and comfort of clients comes first for operators providing aircraft rental. If the staff and crew meet all your needs, then you've come to the right place.

The private aviation sector has to meet very strict criteria, and contrary to the myth, many people therefore discover that private flights are in fact safer than commercial flights. JetBee has obtained all the necessary certificates and licenses.

Take a look at the rich and long experience of the JetBee team.

Myth No. 6 - In case of bad weather, private flights are completely cancelled

The risk of inclement weather and a delay or cancellation of your flight is an unpleasant idea for every traveller, no matter whether you fly with a commercial or private carrier. Bad weather has an equal impact on the flight capabilities of both large and small aircraft.

Compared to commercial airlines however, private jets have more flexibility to react to the situation.

  • Flights at lower altitudes and the chance of avoiding turbulence.
  • Departure from and arrival at smaller airports where the weather is not inclement.
  • Choice of an alternative route outside of high-risk areas.
  • Direct communication between the client and the captain or operator.

MYTH No. 7 – If you have to travel by private jet, you should use your own

People sometimes think that buying their own private jet is more cost-effective in the long term than renting one. This is a question of personal preference, and the total costs vary based on whether the aircraft has to wait for you in a hangar, or whether you want to charter a plane.

Chartering a private aircraft is a common practice even among very rich people who could easily buy their own aircraft.

If you own an aircraft, you have to finance its regular maintenance and hangaring, and hire professionals to take care of everything. If the client is interested, the operator will take care of the maintenance, management and handling of the aircraft. JetBee offers this service in its portfolio.

Private jet rental allows for a greater degree of flexibility. Depending on the type of journey and your needs, you can rent the most suitable model in the appropriate size. You will also get rid of the costs of the aircraft flying to pick you up, because you can simply rent a private jet that is already in your vicinity.

MYTH No. 8 - There is no difference between security checks on commercial and private flights

Endless queues for security checks and unavoidable waits for an aircraft are the most exhausting part of flying. You won't avoid security checks even on a private flight. However, it is very quick, without crowds of other passengers at the terminal, and you can take off right after check-in.

The reason is simple. Private jets usually depart from a private terminal directly in the airport hall or from a terminal in close proximity. So, you board the plane by a separate entrance which is designated only for you and any fellow passengers.

Check-in for a private flight is quick and easy.

MYTH No. 9 - Private flights are slower

At first sight, it may appear logical that smaller aircraft fly more slowly and travelling will take longer. However, this is not true in many cases. For example, JetBee’s aircraft fly just as fast or even faster than commercial jets. What's more, a number of other things are included in the total duration of the journey.

First of all, after arriving at the airport, you go straight to a private terminal and do not have to wait with other passengers. Fewer people on board also means significantly faster boarding. The aircraft and crew wait for you and not the other way round, and in the case of early arrival at the airport, you can take off before the scheduled departure time.

Private flights often fly to small airports that are closer to your final destination. This saves you time during transfers, and in the vast majority of cases, your journey will be faster than on a commercial flight.

Private flights = time saving

MYTH No. 10 - Private jets harm the environment

Air transport has the fewest environmental consequences compared to other forms of long-haul and automotive transport. Small aircraft leave a smaller carbon footprint than large commercial aircraft. Thanks to regular maintenance, small aircraft release a minimum amount of greenhouse gases into the air.

Do not let these myths discourage you from planning private flights. Contact a reliable operator to help you plan your journey from start to finish. JetBee is a certified charter airline offering individual services in all directions.

Are you interested in a private flight?

Choose your destination and place of departure, we will take care of everything else. If you have any questions, ask us.

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