Rovaniemi's Most Famous Christmas Village

Nejslavnější vánoční vesnička v Rovaniemi

The Finnish city of Rovaniemi is located in the northernmost part of the country in the province of Lapland, just a few kilometres from the Arctic Circle. But most of all, it is famous as the official hometown of Santa Claus, where you can meet this icon of Christmas and Advent cheer every day of the year. But the capital of Lapland has so much more to offer, from a modern metropolis with stunning architecture, to wild Arctic nature, traditional Lappish culture and art, local gastronomic delights, the chance to cross the Arctic Circle, watching the Northern Lights or experiencing polar day or night. With the JetBee private airline, you can visit this magical place quickly and easily.

Santa Claus and His Magical Christmas

If you want to enjoy the true Christmas spirit, there is no better place to head to than Rovaniemi. Santa Claus is the world-famous symbol of Christmas. According to legend, Santa Claus resides in a mysterious place called Korvatunturi with his team of reindeer and elves who make the Christmas presents. But because Santa Claus likes to spread joy, he decided to set up his office in Rovaniemi, which became his official hometown in 2010. This allows you to experience the spirit of Christmas all year round.

If you want to meet Santa Claus in person, just visit his village (Santa Claus Village). The fastest and safest way to get to Rovaniemi is by private jet. You choose your own departure time; you will not have to wait to check in at the airport and you will only fly with the people you choose.

A visit to Santa Claus Village is especially ideal for families with children, but Rovaniemi is also the perfect destination for a business meeting combined with entertainment. There are several buses to the village from the city centre or JetBee can arrange transport for you. Santa's Village is just three kilometres from Rovaniemi Airport, so you can easily visit it as soon as you land.

Rovaniemi is a Christmas lover's dream come true, and Santa's Village has a number of Christmas-themed attractions waiting for you. There are all sorts of fun activities, themed souvenir and Christmas shops, restaurants and cafes, snow and ice sculptures, and even an igloo hotel. You can also try out various reindeer rides or husky dog sledding.

Nejslavnější vánoční vesnička v Rovaniemi

Aurora Borealis, Polar Night and Midnight Sun

The Aurora Borealis is one of the most fascinating atmospheric phenomena on Earth. In Lapland, it can be seen about 150 days a year and in Rovaniemi it is visible from late August to early September. The cosmic show is best seen from places where there is no light smog from city lights. Rovaniemi is an ideal destination in this respect, as you do not have to go far from the city centre to find these optimal viewing spots. Some are just a 10-minute walk from the centre. However, the darker the sky, the stronger the viewing experience. Yet the really strong aurora can be seen in many cases from the city itself.

The best time to see the Northern Lights is usually between 10 pm and 2 am. The magical play of lights can last for a few minutes or many hours, depending solely on weather conditions. If you want to enjoy the full Northern Lights viewing experience, our JetBee team can help you book one of our guided tours. You can go, for example, on snow sledges, dog sleds or snowshoes.

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If you like to take photos for your family album or as a tasteful addition for your office, then you should visit Rovaniemi during the polar night or midnight sun. The snowy nature and the contours of the frosted trees create magical and very photogenic effects. You can go for a breathtaking walk or a cross-country skiing trip through the snowy landscape that reflects the moonlight.

Pictures taken under the midnight sun, during the period also known as the polar day, stand out very well in photographs. In Rovaniemi, you can experience polar day from early June to early July. The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that can only be experienced during the summer months above the Arctic Circle. The sun remains above the horizon all day and night. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the activities of a full 24-hour day.

Cross the Arctic Circle

As Rovaniemi is only a few kilometres from the Arctic Circle, it is an imaginary entrance to the Arctic regions where the most fantastic natural phenomena take place. The Arctic Circle passes directly through Santa Claus Village. It's up to you how you choose to cross it, you can walk across the Circle, ski over it or use one of the many other ways. In Rovaniemi and Santa Clause Village, there are no limits to the imagination.

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There are many places to cross the Arctic Circle. But in Rovaniemi you have the unique opportunity to pass it under. This chance is offered to you again in Santa Claus Village in one of his caves. Here you have the chance to walk under the Arctic Circle 50 metres underground. Plus, you will obtain a certificate to prove that you have actually experienced this adventure.

Discover the Magic of Lappish Cuisine

The Lapps are the indigenous inhabitants of northern Finland who have lived here for hundreds of years. Thanks to the specific environment, a unique cuisine has arisen, which combines tradition and respect for nature. Fresh produce, sourced from local forests and waters, plays a major role in Lapland's gastronomy, reflecting the rugged nature of the landscape. You can enjoy local delicacies in the most luxurious restaurants, and by the fire in a forest cabin during one of the trips to watch the Northern Lights or discover the beauty of nature.

Reindeer meat, venison, fish and berries play a major role in traditional Lappish cuisine. The most common side dishes are potatoes prepared in many ways and flat bread cakes. Nowadays, Lapland's gastronomy is influenced by the cuisines of neighbouring countries and you can taste very interesting culinary fusions. Due to the harsh natural conditions, local people have learned to preserve food as efficiently as possible. As a souvenir, you can take dried meats, sauces, jams, and other local specialities from Rovaniemi.

Rovaniemi is the perfect Christmas destination

Apart from the most famous attractions such as Santa Claus Village, watching the Northern Lights, crossing the Arctic Circle, tasting the local cuisine and the overall experience of a place where the sun does not rise for several months and does not set for several, Rovaniemi offers much more.

Here you will experience the atmosphere of a culture with a rich past linked to many myths and legends, while respecting its environment. In the city itself, you can admire the modern architecture or enjoy the rich nightlife, which is particularly intense during the white nights. The snowy countryside is ideal for skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling or dog sledding. And before you leave, there are a number of souvenir and handicraft shops that will make your Rovaniemi holiday one to remember.

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