Business Class Competition: Private Jets on the Rise

Konkurence business class: private jet na vzestupu

The fact that private air travel is not just a privilege of the rich and famous has been known for quite a long time, and its popularity has gradually increased in the past. The real boom was experienced by private flights during the coronavirus pandemic. Several aspects played a role in this. The frequency of commercial flights has dropped dramatically, accompanied by opportunities to fly business class or first class. It also turns out that a private jet is a significantly safer way to travel. And last but not least, travellers have found that private flights are much more affordable than they thought.

Affordable comfort and safety

While commercial airlines are facing a number of challenges due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the private jet is on the rise. The reasons for the unprecedented interest in chartering a private jet are obvious. As part of security measures, many commercial flights were cancelled and people generally tried to limit mass travel.

A private flight is an affordable and safe alternative, whether you are flying for business, with family or friends on holiday, or a professional athlete who needs to reach a game or back to their family from abroad. Interest in repatriation and outpatient flights.

According to research by the prestigious US consulting firm McKinsey & Company, a passenger on a commercial flight will come into contact with more than 700 points of contact, while on a private jet it is only 20 to 30 contacts.

But the glamour of private flights is not only in the aircraft itself, but also in the VIP terminal. Contact with other people is minimized in addition to the comfort you get in a private terminal. You choose who you travel with, and you only come into contact with as many people as necessary when you arrive at the airport.

Private jet = minimum risk

At the airport, you will basically only meet the handler who will take care of you upon arrival, or the captain and cabin crew. What's more, you will be on board a private jet in no time, waiting just for you. At JetBee, we comply with all health and safety regulations and our aircraft are 100% safe. See how the disinfection of aircraft in the coronavirus era is performed.

Moreover, the increase in demand for private jet and the expansion of the client base has shown that financially there is not much difference between private flight and commercial business or first class. What you do on a flight by private plane is that your extra payment is balanced by comfort, safety and flexibility.

Private jet allows people to travel

So it is not surprising that people who once used commercial business class or first class for business or holiday travel now prefer to use private airlines. Private jet clients have found it to be not only a safe but also an affordable service.

The broker will take care of the traveller from the initial enquiry to the transportation to the final destination, including airport pick-up. The passenger does not have to worry about a thing, and every step of their itinerary is taken care of. In this sense, then, private air transport thrives on what commercial air transport cannot offer.

In the past, the main clientele of private flights were overall high-profile people. During the coronavirus pandemic, demand significantly increased among people who had never flown on a private plane before. At the same time, there has also been an increase in interest among people who have to travel for their jobs regardless of the circumstances.

In case you are new to private flights, we will give you 5 tips on how to choose a private flight.

Availability of private flights

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown that new clients who could afford private flights in the past, but did not use private jets, have started to seek private flights. This was often due to, among other things, people being unaware of the availability and affordability of private flights or having misconceptions about their cost.

Experts in the field of private aviation expect a further increase in demand for private flights and an expansion of the client base in the future. It is widely believed that there will be increased interest among business people, families with children and people who have to travel for their profession, such as athletes, diplomats, or politicians.

The interest in private travel has increased especially among people who have to travel for their profession or business.

How much does a private flight cost?

As it is common in business and commercial matters, as demand increases, supply increases and prices decrease. Private flights are becoming more and more available, because there is a great demand for them and airlines are trying to accommodate their clients. At JetBee, we always make sure that this is not at the expense of 100% quality.

A more competitive environment is driving private airlines to offer superior service at affordable prices. With JetBee, you can get from Prague to London for a business meeting for less than CZK 30,000 per seat, fly with your family to Mallorca for around CZK 36,000 per person or enjoy a romantic weekend in Paris for CZK 33,000 per ticket.

Several factors determine the price of a private flight. The biggest item is the so-called flight clock, which basically tells you how much time the aircraft has spent in the air. In addition, the price includes aircraft service and maintenance as well as catering on board. On every JetBee flight, you will automatically receive refreshments on board, and if you have any special requests, just contact us.

Cheapest private jet

An interesting way to save money on the price of a private jet is through so-called empty legs or empty flights. This situation occurs when the aircraft is flying empty for some reason. Typically, the aircraft drops the passenger off at the destination and returns to the base or flies from the home airport to pick up the client.

Logically, private airlines try to take advantage of these flights and offer discounted fares. The only downside is that they are not 100% flexible in time and location. Still, there are several other options for them. If your destination is en route, the aircraft can pick you up and drop you off there.

If you are interested in how much a private flight costs and what influences the price of private flights, then check out the complete overview.

Konkurence business class: private jet na vzestupu

The future of private flights

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the commercial aviation industry very hard. Statistics show that in the worst periods, sky traffic was reduced by almost 90%. While the big planes of commercial airlines were parked at the airports, the private aviation sector was bustling.

People who needed or wanted to travel did not hesitate to pay extra for the safety, flexibility and speed that private jet offers. But in the process, people gradually started to discover that the price of a private flight was not that much higher than the price of a business class or first class ticket.

It is not yet clear whether demand for private flights will remain at the same level as during the coronavirus crisis. To a large extent, it all depends on how far commercial airlines recover from the downturn and people stop being afraid to travel in large groups.

In general, industry experts tend to agree that the popularity and demand for private jets will remain as strong. They are convinced that some of the new clientele will become used to the comfort, safety and flexibility of private flights and will not return to commercial flights. The fact that the difference in price of a private jet compared to business class or first class is diminishing will also play a significant role.

Private airlines themselves are also starting to plan for the longer term. People need to travel and want to travel in a safe environment. For those who have opted for business or first class in the past, private jet is the future.

Are you interested in a private flight?

Choose your destination and place of departure, we will take care of everything else. If you have any questions, ask us.

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